Colon Massage

Everyone should cleanse their colon on an annual basis to avoid re-absorbtion of the toxins. Traditionaly this has been done with colonic irrigation / hydrotherapy. The Detox Massage is a much more pleasant and even enjoyable way of achieving the same effect, and is a treatment that can be undertaken regularly.

Colon massage has helped many of my clients with IBS, bloating, weight loss and management.


Detox Programmes

Over the past few years many clients have come to me for a six week Colon Detox programme, that is a series of treatments to help get things everything moving as they should be. The core of these programmes are the Colon Massages, but to get the full benefit of them I recommend you use some suitable products and supplements.


Why detox?

An awful lot of people wouldn't say that they feel 100%. They may be lacking energy, tired, lethargic, stressed, dull skin, a bit run-down even. As a race we have survived for thousands of years without a problem, but in the 21st Century we are working in ways our bodies haven't adjusted to.